The CA Dispatch archive consolidation flagging reports as *** ERROR ***
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The CA Dispatch archive consolidation flagging reports as *** ERROR ***


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


One of the reports being produced by the DSEXARC(L) Archive Consolidation utility is flagging some of the archived entries as being in error.


DISPATCH.ARCHREPT.D00000.T000000.F01 *** E r r o r ***


As a result of the entry being flagged in error, the condense utility does not move the report data to the new consolidated output volser. And, when the archive maintenance job is run to delete expired archive entries, the database pointer record for this error report is deleted. 

Why is CA Dispatch flagging the report in error and then deleting it without actually processing it? Is there a way to stop CA Dispatch from deleting the database pointer? 


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch


Entries flagged in ERROR are usually the result of some kind of hardware problem. Possibly a tape drive problem, but more likely a problem with the physical input TAPE that the report resides on. 

Reports are posted in ERROR as the result of CA Dispatch not having access to these particular reports. Because we don't have access to them, they will not be consolidated.

If reports are flagged in error, review the output from your execution of the archive condense utility and see what kind of tape or hardware error messages may have been issued during execution of the job. The most common error message is usually a S613 error on the tape.  

As an alternative to CA Dispatch DELETING reports that are flagged in ERROR, clients can use the archive condense utilities "INVALID" parameter and set a value of 'U' or 'B' instead of the default value of 'D' where 'D' results in the entries deletion from the database.

- An INVALID value of 'U' indicates that the invalid AR-REPORT an invalid AR-REPORT entry is flagged as invalid on the VARMI200 screen.

- An INVALID value of 'B' indicates that the invalid AR-REPORT entry is simply bypassed during this execution of Condense processing. The report entry will not be logically deleted or flagged as 'Invalid'.

Additional Information

For more information, please refer to the CA Dispatch System Programmers Guide where we document the "DSEXARC (L)—Archive Tape CONDENSE Utility".

For additional information on the user of the INVALID=B parameter setting please see "Article Id: 217552 - Title: Add INVALID=B (BYPASS) option to the CA Dispatch Archive Consolidation/Condense Utility"