Agents not showing in UI with Linux based endpoint server
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Agents not showing in UI with Linux based endpoint server


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


Endpoint Agents assigned to a Linux based Endpoint server are not showing up in the agent overview despite having been installed correctly.


This issue is caused by multiple RHEL Endpoint Servers specifying their hostnames as localhost in the /etc/hosts file.  Example: localhost localhost.localdomain RMHDLPEndpoint

The reason for this is because of how DLP queries the server hostnames.  With the hostname being listed under localhost it is listed as "localhost."  When multiple servers are listed as "localhost" the agent gets confused about which to connect to and we see the issue where the agents do not show up in the UI correctly.


The preferred resolution is to create a separate entry for the hostname and the localhost on each RHEL Endpoint Server and recycle the monitor service.  Example:   RMHDLPEndpoint localhost localhost.localdomain

By doing this the server will be listed by its hostname, the agents will know where they are supposed to connect, and they should show up in the UI as expected.