Image job never starts when launched from Initial Deployment menu
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Image job never starts when launched from Initial Deployment menu


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When trying to deploy an image using a job that was selected via the Initial Deployment menu, the task never starts on the client.

Tasks time out in the console.


The task instance created via Initial Deployment may be assigned to the Notification Server as it's Task Server in error rather than a remote Site Server with Task Service installed. This causes the Initial Deployment Job to fail,

You can verify this is happening by opening your console and going to Manage > Jobs/Tasks, then selecting the job/task you have assigned through the Initial Deployment Menu. Once you are viewing the details of the task, double-click the instance under the Task Status section that was created by the Initial Deployment option you selected. Under the new sub-window that shows the instances per computer, you will see a drop down menu at the top that says "Group by". Click the calendar-looking icon to the left of the "Group By" dropdown box and check "Task Server". This adds a new column to the previous window to show which server this task instance is being sent to (you may have to expand the window). If it's the Notification Server and not the remote Site Server you expect, install the pointfix attached or follow the workaround below.


Install the attached pointfix to your Symantec Management Platform server, and all of the remote task servers in your environment by running the PFinstaller and clicking Install. Reboot all servers afterwards.

If the pointfix does not fix the issue, the recommended workaround is to uninstall Task Service from the Notification Server by going to Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings, highlighting the Notification Server and selecting "configure" at the top of the left pane, then unchecking Task Service and clicking "next". This setting will be applied on the next policy cycle (default 1 hour).

This is fixed in 7.6 HF4.

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