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How to Run Ghost Manually in Automation


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Ghost Solution Suite


This can potentially solve certain issues or it can just be another method for running Ghost.  This can allow you to manually run Ghost and enter command line switches
during automation.

During Automation the following pop up window may be displayed:

Application Error 25058

Unable to locate enough contiguous free space to load run.  Increase the destination partition size or run Ghost with -NTEXACT switch.
If this problem persists, contact Symantec Technical Support at



One of the causes of this issue can be that you are using a DiskSecure partition on a Hard disk. This would mark the partition ID byte in the MBR (Master Boot Record)
as type 70.  This is essentially a secured partition.


In GSS select a wait task and send it to a client and boot it into Winpe. Open the command prompt window (either minimized or in the background) sitting at the drive letter mapped back to the "express share" on the GSS server ("M:" by default). At the command prompt, run the following:

ghost64 -ntexact -ntc- -ntil -ntic


ghost32 -ntexact -ntc- -ntil -ntic

Depending on whether the client system is 32bit or 64 bit.

If you would like to add these commands to your Imaging Tasks or Jobs, please see this KB: 163968