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How do I determine what items to select in Liveupdate Administrator for Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1?


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Endpoint Protection


The list of RU6 items to select in LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) currently has 42 entries.  You are looking for guidance on what to select to be downloaded via LUA for a SEP 12.1 client


The first thing to know is that an entry starting with “client” is only going to be used if a client is pulling directly from the LUA, conversely any entry starting with “manager” is only if your SEPM is pulling updates from the LUA. That being said, as long as you have either the manager or the client option checked you will already have the majority of the content for that item. Adding the other entry will only add a couple hundred KB of data. For example:

Here you have the Client and Manager virus definition entries:
Client – Virus Definitions (Win32)
Manager – Virus Definitions (Win32)
You don’t have any clients connecting to the LUA so you only have the Manager entry checked, not the client. The LUA downloads the virus definition package and the file that tells the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) what to do with the package. If you were to also check the Client entry the LUA would download an additional file (they run a couple hundred KB) but since the virus definition content itself was already pulled for the Manager, checking the Client entry won’t cause another full set of the virus definitions to be downloaded to the LUA, and vice versa.
Client updates:
Client - AutoProtect Settings
Client - AutoProtect Settings RU6
Manager - AutoProtect Settings
Manager - AutoProtect Settings RU6
Updated settings for AutoProtect, both generic and specific for RU6.
Client Installer Win32 English
Client Installer Win32 English via SEPM
Client Installer Win64 English
Client Installer Win64 English via SEPM
These are entries to download the full client package and update it via LiveUpdate. Symantec has never released an update in this manner.
Client – Submission Control Data
Manager – Submission Control Data
Updates for the submission process.
Manager – Content Catalog
The Content Catalog tells the SEPM what is available for downloading.
Client – Submission Control Data (Mac)
Manager – Network Threat Protection (IPS)(Mac)
Updates for the submission process and IPS updated specifically for Macintosh.
SEPM HI Policy Contents Mac 12.1
SEPM HI Policy Contents Windows 12.1 RU2
Host Intrusion policy updates for both Mac and Windows running RU2 and later.
SEPM LiveUpdate Database 12.1
SEPM LiveUpdate Database 12.1 RU6
Reserved for SEPM server content updates, for example, if we need to add data to the database, upgrade data, fixes, etc. We recommend that the customer leave it on in LUA
Content Updates:
Avenge MicroDefs25 SavCorp10 Linux Virus Definitions
Virus definitions for the Linux versions of SAV/SEP.
Client – Network Threat Protection (IPS)
Manager – Network Threat Protection (IPS)
IPS updates.
Client – Proactive Threat Protection
Manager – Proactive Threat Protection
SONAR updates.
Client – Reputation (Iron Revocation List)
Client – Reputation (Iron Settings)
Client – Reputation (Iron Whitelist)
Client – Extended File Attributes
Manager – Extended File Attributes
Manager – Reputation (Iron Revocation List)
Manager – Reputation (Iron Settings)
Manager – Reputation (Iron Whitelist)
Updates for the Reputation lookup system
Client – SMR Definitions
Manager – SMR Definitions
Definitions updates for the Power Eraser feature.
Client – Virus Definitions (Win32)
Client – Virus Definitions (Win64)
Manager – Virus Definitions (Win32)
Manager – Virus Definitions (Win64)
Standard Windows virus definitions for 32 and 64 bit systems
Client – Virus R Definitions (Win32)
Client – Virus R Definitions (Win64)
Manager – Virus R Definitions (Win32)
Manager – Virus R Definitions (Win64)
These are the reduced footprint virus definitions made specifically for the special reduced footprint client for Windows Embedded clients and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) clients. More info here:
Client – Virus Definitions (Mac)
Client – Network Threat Protection (IPS)(Mac)
These are the Virus Definitions and IPS updates for Macintosh.