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Support for multiple detection channels on single tier installation.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Multiple detection channels on a single tier deployment are officially supported from DLP version 12.5.0 onwards.


To install/implement detection channel/s for Single tier installation one has to go through the following steps:
  1. Click on “Add server” on the Enforce console in Server Overview.
  2. Select “Single Tier Server” as the option to choose a type of server to add.
  3. Click “Next” and you will be able to add the server with all the channels as licensed for, in a Single tier environment.
Note:  A separate detection server (from Enforce) with multiple channels is not a Single tier environment (it will be referred as 2/3 Tier architecture).  A two tier architecture having detection server with multiple channels is not a supported environment.
When discover channel is added, one will not see any separate server in the Policy group to assign the policy group to, as mentioned in the illustration below where “Single” is the representation off all channels (except Discover).

In case of Discover channel added as a part of other BoxMonitor (detection) channels, one will see only 2 options: All Servers and All Discover Servers.  Policy groups cannot be applied separately for any of the channels (in a single tier environment).  As there is only one filereader to cater to all the detection channels. 
For such environment, one needs to get the environment and the policies intended to be deployed evaluated through Professional services or Consultants so as to not run into a resource issue post deployment.