Installing Drive Encryption on Linux fails
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Installing Drive Encryption on Linux fails


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Drive Encryption


The Perl programming language is a system requirement for installing Symantec Drive Encryption for Linux. Perl is not installed by default with, for example, the Minimal installation of CentOS Linux.

The following command is used to install the 64-bit release of Symantec Drive Encryption for Linux 10.3.2 MP10 on Red Hat or CentOS Linux 7.1:
bash pgp_desktop_10.3.2.21165_linux_el7_x86_64.bsx

Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel


Some dependencies are checked automatically by the installer:

  • dkms
  • gcc
  • make
  • patch
  • kernel headers

However, although Perl is a required dependency, the installer does not check for it.


Install Perl prior to installing Symantec Drive Encryption for Linux. On a Red Hat or CentOS distribution, the command to install Perl is:
yum install perl​