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Delays when opening RDP Connections or Outlook via Dell vWorkspace when Symantec FileShare Encryption is installed


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There are delays when opening RDP Connections or Outlook via Dell vWorkspace when Symantec FileShare Encryption is installed.  The delays happen for several minutes and timeout after 300 seconds.  After the timeout of 300 seconds has passed, normal operation of the RDP session or Outlook resume.


Installing Symantec Encryption Desktop without the File Share component will workaround this issue.

Note: Installing without the File Share component will disable the Symantec File Share Functionality, and all files\folders that were encrypted with Symantec File Share Encryption will no longer be accessible.
See article 157763 for more information on working in these non-persistent environment.

In order to install without the Symantec FileShare component enabled, run the following command via the command line for installation:


This will initiate the normal installation routine.  Reboot the system when prompted and use the software as normal.

If Symantec File Share Encryption is needed, another workaround to this issue is to check Smartcards
within Dell vWorkspace:

1. Open Remote Desktop Connection, within vWorkspace Connector:

2. Within the vWorkspace, click the “More…” button:

3. In Local devices and resources, check “Smartcards”:

Once this is done, the login to RDP
and Outlook will return to normal operation.

For more information on this issue, see also the Dell article that describes this issue.

NOTE: In Vworkspace, there may be many other ways to modify this setting, such as Web Access properties.  Please consult Dell for all the ways that may apply to your specific environment if this article does not resolve the issue.