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WSAE connection errors causing engine instability and crashing


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


Jobs will cease to to execute. New jobs scheduled will not show anything in the status. In the axEngine.log you'll notice numerous errors and information such as:
aaa-OnWSANotify () called with an error of: 10053 (WSAECONNABORTED)
aaa-FD_CLOSE received socket (1234) - added to read queue, Error: 10053.
aaa-CSessionList::AddSocketToReadQueue - Entered.
aaa-List: Added socket (1234) to READ list.
aaa-CSessionList::AddSocketToReadQueue - Exited.
bbbb-CSessionList::MoveSocketsToRead - Entered.
bbbb-List: RECV THREAD, Moved Read Queue to Read List (size 1).
bbbb-CSessionList::MoveSocketsToRead - Exited.
bbbb-List: Erased socket (1234) from Read List because it is going to be processed.
bbbb-CSessionList::FindComputer (SOCKET, BOOL ... ) - Entered.
bbbb-Locked Session 0 - socket (1234) - ( 0xbbbb ) - 1
bbbb-CSessionList::FindComputer (SOCKET, BOOL ... ) - Exited.
cccc-CSessionList::MoveSocketsToRead - Entered.
bbbb-Socket: ERROR received on socket (1234) - 10054, WSAECONNRESET.
cccc-List: RECV THREAD, Moved Read Queue to Read List (size 0).
bbbb-Error reading from socket (1234), Error: 10054 (10054 (WSAECONNRESET))
cccc-CSessionList::MoveSocketsToRead - Exited.
bbbb-Error 10054 (WSAECONNRESET) during recv () on socket (1234).
cccc-List: No data on sockets to read.
bbbb-CSessionList::AddSocketToCloseQueue - Entered.

These WSAE errors are believed to be related to the engine becoming incapable of processing jobs and/or communicating with clients.


Symantec is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause.