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Enforce server fails to authenticate Oracle password which has been encrypted with the Symantec DLP Credential Utility


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Using a script lookup to query data in an external Oracle database source encounters errors with the Oracle credentials. The credentials used for authentication are saved to a text file and encrypted with the Symantec DLP Credential Utility. For some environments it is a requirement that the Oracle password contains a special character however some special characters in the password fail the authentication process after being encrypted.

You can check the Tomcat localhost log and the Oracle listener.log (use “lsnrctl status” to find out where the log is hiding) for potential errors related to your lookup plugin, for more information please review your admin guide and contact our Enterprise Support for technical assistance. 


Oracle advises avoidance of “#” and “$” usually due to their use of these characters in naming of objects, at least for “$” (for example, “v$instance”)…  

The use of special characters in credentials for authentication similar to the following list might encounter such problems

& (ampersand)
" (double quote)
< (less than)
> (greater than)
' (single quote)

\ (backslash)
# (hash)
$ (dollar)


If you require the use of a special character which is not being accepted due an error then use the Unicode value in place of the symbol character: 

For example using the following Unicode values works: 

'U0023' for '#'
'U0024' for '$'
'U0025' for '%'

For a full list of unicode values please see: Unicode-table