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Symantec Data Center Security Server Console hangs and spikes the CPU to 25% and never drops


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Data Center Security Server


When logging into Symantec Data Center Security Server (SDCSS) Console it hangs.  If you edit a policy, or click on something that requires a query to the database, it will hang for a few minutes.  This only appears to happen when you launch the console and after approximately 5-10 minutes will go away. 

There aren't any error messages but if you open task manager and look at the processes you will see console(32).exe that is consuming 25% consistently.  The value does not appear to decrease.
Things to verify

  • Are multiple users logged into the console?
  • Are they having other issues related to database maintenance (transaction logs full?)?
  • Are all users seeing the behavior?
  • Can you view the database settings from the Console?


In this case the cause was related to a corrupt user account within SDCSS.  A way to test to see if this is the cause is to login using another account and see if the behavior goes away.


To resolve the issue:


  1. Log in to the Console as symadmin or another local account.
  2. Go to the Admin\Users tab and delete the account that causes the behavior.
  3. Create a new account (be sure to add the correct role to match the account that was removed).
  4. Login with the new account to verify the problem is now resolved.