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Remote Monitor Service Shows Not Ready in Site Server Settings


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After enabling Monitor Service under Settings > Notification Server > Site Server Settings > [Site Server Name] > Install/remove services, the Monitor Service section is yellow - not enabled even though on the Site Server in the Agent User Interface, the Altiris Monitor Agent shows as installed. 


The Altiris Monitor Agent is already installed when the Remote Monitor Service is enabled. The Monitor agent is listed in the Site Server Agent UI as Altiris Monitor Agent when it should say Altiris Monitor Agent RMS.


  • In the Symantec Management Platform console, navigate to Actions > Agents/Plug-ins > Rollout Agents/Plug-ins > Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Windows > Rollout.
  • Right-click the Monitor Plug-in for Windows x64 (or x86 as appropriate) - Uninstall policy and clone it. In the cloned uninstall policy, highlight the Applied to section target and delete it. Click the Applied to drop down and select Computers. Click Add rule and create a target that includes the Site Server in question. Turn the policy on and Save changes. 
  • On the Site Server, update configuration in the Agent UI and watch for and verify that the Altiris Monitor Agent is removed. Then find the Windows Remote Monitoring Server x64 (or x86) Installation under the Software Delivery tab, and on the left click the link under Application Tasks. When the installation completes, you should now see the Altiris Monitor Agent RMS listed under Agents/Plug-ins on the Agent UI.
  • Within a few minutes, you should see the Monitor Servers showing Green in the Site Server settings in the Console.