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Controls on form pages do not work properly - scripts retrieved via ScriptResource.axd are empty.


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Form controls on some pages do not work as expected. This applies to various advanced controls, for example calendar control or parts of HTML Editor.


When web traffic for the page is captured (Fiddler is easiest, Wireshark or Network Monitor work as well), external scripts for these controls are retrieved via ScriptResource.axd which returns HTTP 200 OK but the response content is empty - 0 bytes.

We have seen at least 2 different causes for this symptom:

  1. Static Content is not installed in IIS Role Services. This affects all projects and can generally only be the case when issue occurs right after installation.
  2. web.config for specific project is corrupt - for this to occur, references to Infragistics libraries and ScriptManager are missing from it. This can happen when project fails to publish properly, even if it might appear to have worked. 


  1. Make sure that all required IIS components are installed on ServiceDesk server. Specifically under Role Services: Web Server > Common HTTP Features > Static Content.
  2. Restore web.config from a backup or copy one over from a different ServiceDesk server from the same published project folder. Trying to republish (or delete and republish) the project might also work.