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Time mismatch between DLP Enforce and Network Monitor


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


After logging into the DLP Enforce console and error occurs indicating that a time mismatch between enforce and monitor exists. The error recommends automatic time synchronization. Issue affects the response rule block notifications from the network monitor.

Code 2711 "Time mismatch between Enforce and Monitor. It is recommended to fix the time on the monitor through automatic time synchronization."


There is a time difference between the DLP Enforce server and Network monitor. System clocks could be several hours apart or in a different time zone.


Check the system clocks on the DLP Enforce server an Network monitor or other detection server. Verify if the system clock is synchronized between enforce and detection server. If the system clocks are not within several minutes of each other then make necessary adjustments.

If the Enforce Server is a VM, you may need to dedicate resources to the VM to give it more physical like CPU time.