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Installing SEE 8.2.1 MP 16 displays blank error message popup


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Endpoint Encryption


While trying to install SEE 8.2.1 MP 16 using Microsoft SQL Server 2012, you receive a blank popup error message.

If you run msiexec using /L*v flags you will see the following error message.

ERROR with SEEMSDbVersion: -2147217865 - Invalid object name 'dbo.GEMSDbVersion'.


This is the result of doing a fresh install using the "Use existing database" option.

Endpoint Encryption 8.x will not install using an existing database if that database is empty.  This is due to the install process looking for data in the existing database when performing the install.


To prevent this from happening, install using the New Database option.

Note: Unless the existing database is from previous installation of SEE 8.2.1 equal to below the version being installed. 

Step 1:  Using SQL Server Management Console and create a new empty database.

Step 2:  Selecting this database for "User existing database" option.