Can you delete a vertica archive?
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Can you delete a vertica archive?


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Can you delete a vertica archive if you are low on disk space?

df -h 

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on 

/dev/sdb1 493G 6.8G 461G 2% /catalog 

/dev/sdc1 493G 413G 55G 89% /data 

/dev/sdd1 493G 464G 3.2G 100% /backup


drwxr-xr-x 5 dradmin verticadba 4096 Oct 25 09:19 . 

drwxr-xr-x 4 dradmin verticadba 4096 Oct 22 18:45 .. 

drwxrwx--- 4 dradmin verticadba 4096 Oct 25 06:38 PROD_snapshot 

drwxrwx--- 4 dradmin verticadba 4096 Oct 23 19:58 PROD_snapshot_archive20171023_194627 

drwxr-xr-x 2 dradmin verticadba 4096 Oct 25 09:19 .PROD_snapshot.done 


du -csh * 

414G PROD_snapshot 

51G PROD_snapshot_archive20171023_194627 

464G total 


CAPM 3.x


(i) Yes, it is okay to remove the archive provided you have the latest FULL back up archive available for your restore operation. If you saved multiple backups, you can specify a specific archive to restore. To list the archives that exist to choose one to restore, use the vbr --listbackup task, with a specific configuration file. 


(ii) Running the vbr utility with the --task backup command deletes the oldest backup. This command run whenever the total number that exist exceeds the restorePointLimit value in the configuration file. Suppose the restorePointLimit = 5, and five archives exist. In this case, running the vbr --task backup utility again deletes the backup with the oldest date_timestamp, when vbr completes the current backup command. 


(iii) Removing Backups: When you use the vbr task, remove, Vertica updates the manifests affected by the removal and maintains their integrity. If the backup archive contains multiple restore points, removing one does not affect the others. When you remove the last restore point, Vertica removes the backup entirely. 

Additional Information

Here are additional details on removing the backup archive: