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File Reader failed to start after adding detection server as single tier server


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Symantec Products


When installing an Enforce server as Single Tier, then adding a detection server and selecting "single tier server" as outlined in the product guides, file reader will not start. Code 1302 - File Reader failed to start . The inductor isn't configured. No incidents will be detected.




As a workaround until the cause is identified:
Remove the single tier detection server from System>Servers>Overview in the Enforce UI
Then select Add Server and on the Add Server screen - Choose a type of server to add - and select a specific type of detection server i.e. Endpoint Prevent
Once the specific type of server is added you can add more channels (Network Monitor, Discover, etc.) to the detection server that appears in the UI.

To add additional channels to the detection server:
Navigate to the Server Detail page and click Server Settings
On the BoxMonitor.Channels line add each channel you are licensed for separated by comma's, for example:
Discover, Endpoint, Inline SMTP, Packet Capture, Copy Rule, ICAP

Network Monitor Server: Packet Capture, Copy Rule 
Discover Server: Discover 
Endpoint Server: Endpoint 
Network Prevent for Email: Inline SMTP 
Network Prevent for Web: ICAP