GSS 3.0 How to Install a Symantec PXE Server
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GSS 3.0 How to Install a Symantec PXE Server


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Ghost Solution Suite


This document outlines how to install the Symantec PXE Server if it was not implemented during the initial GSS 3.0 installation. Status Code: 116 "Unable to boot to Windows automation" during a 'Create/Distribute Disk Image' Job.


  1. Start the server and log on using the administrator account you created for the Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 server.
  2. Navigate to the previously extracted 'DSSetup' directory. The default location will be C:\DSSetup.
  3. Right click on Setup.exe and select 'Run as Administrator.'
  4. Choose 'Component Install' and click 'Install.'
  5. Agree to the terms to proceed.
  6. Enter the folder where the Ghost Solution Suite Share is installed. The default location of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server" should already be populated. If your 'Deployment Server' directory is different, change the path as needed. Select 'Next.'
  7. Mark the checkbox for 'Install an additional Symantec PXE Server.' Select 'Next.'
    • At this point, additional components may also be configured if so desired.
  8. Choose whether the PXE Server will be installed locally to the GSS 3.0 server or to a remote computer. Select 'Next.'
  9. Ensure that the IP address field matches the IP address of the intended PXE Server. Modify the default path if needed. Select 'Next.'
    • Existing PXE server(s) will autoupdate.
    • DHCP services are required to be running on your network in order for PXE to function correctly.
  10. Verify that the Installation Information is correct and select 'Install.'
  11. Click 'Finish.' The Symantec PXE Server should now be installed.