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ActiveX Control Download messages after updating / maintaining Web Viewer


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Output Management Document Viewer Output Management Web Viewer


All users unable to print or email reports. They get messages that copy the new/updated ActiveX Control must be downloaded to the PC, but they do not have the administrative rights to do this. The symptom began after the 11.5 Web Viewer LevelSet #4 PTF was applied (but any cumulative maintenance after PTF RO28563 will have the same result).

Customer's network solutions group will look into distributing the control en mass or authorizing its download, but is there some way to restore the print and email capabilities while waiting for the distribution to occur?


Windows Server


Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\UnicenterOutputManagementWebViewer\Data\DocViewWeb11.js 
do a find for "codebase" and we should come to the line: 
we then change the "11,5,0,1" argument to "11,5,0,0" and save the script file. 
That should do it. IIS or the ApplicationPool does NOT need to be recycled in order for the change to take effect. The application accesses the DocViewWeb11.js script only when a user attempts to print or email, so the new value should be picked up with all new attempts to print (or Email). 

Additional Information


Editing CA\UnicenterOutputManagementWebViewer\Data\DocViewWeb11.js changing the version to "" is a workaround for the problem. Later, after the new ActiveX Control is pushed to all workstations, the script can be changed back to its post LevelSet #4 state - changing the version back to 11,5,0,1.