"All Assets" report not displaying (Active) status
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"All Assets" report not displaying (Active) status


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IT Management Suite Asset Management Solution


Altiris Console > Reports > All Reports > Notification Server Management > Server > Resource Reports > All Assets.

Cosmetic issue, (Active) status is not displayed, and shown as blank. NA


Cosmetic issue.
By default if there is not association with "Asset Status", it means the asset is active. Reports shall either get the status from [vAsset] view, which handles that conversion.


This cosmetic issue will be addressed in a future release.

As a work around, the report can be edited as following: NB. (no I8n)
1- Right click the report and clone it.
2- Open the cloned report and click on edit.
3- click "Convert this query to SQL query" (in the up right conrener of the edit page of the report.)
4- replace the line "[vri6_Fixed Asset Status Resource Type].[Name] AS [Status]," with the below line
"isnull([vri6_Fixed Asset Status Resource Type].[Name], 'Active') AS [Status],"
5- Click save, now the report will show "Active" status.