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SMAgent 7.6x or later will not install on Pentium III or older Windows machines.


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IT Management Suite


Customer reported that few of their client machines will not install the Symantec Management Agent (or SMAgent (formally Altiris Agent)). 

They were trying to run AeXNsc.exe on the machine, but it would start briefly and then crash. There were no install logs generated since the installation terminates prematuraly. 

The Event Logs may show an error like this:

Source: Application Error
Event ID: 1000
Faulting application AeXNSC.exe, version 7.6.1423.0, faulting module 
AeXNSC.exe, version 7.6.1423.0, fault address 0x00013893.

Similar fault addresses can be:

fault address 0x00013883


Known issue. After looking at a dump file for this process, it was found the following:

Exception Information
In user.dmp the assembly instruction at AeXNSC+13893 in C:\Documents and Settings\svcaltiris\Desktop\AeXNSC.exe has caused an unknown exception 
(0xc000001d) on thread 0

Unknown exception 0xc000001d is actually "illegal instruction" error. The exception occurs when CPU tried executing MOVLPD instruction, one of SSE2 instructions.
This error only occurs on processors earlier than Pentium 4.

When the SMAgent was built (prior to SMP 7.6) by Visual Studio 2008 all SSE and SSE2 instructions were disabled, so SMAgent could run on any CPU.
When we moved to Visual Studio 2013 (post SMP 7.6), we optimized a bit and started using some extended instructions set, so SSE2 was chosen, it's supported on
CPUs since 2001 and the minimal processor should be Pentium 4.


This issue is working as design. Any machine prior to Pentium 4 will not be able to have the SMAgent installed. Machines using SMAgent prior to 7.6 version should be fine.