DS 7.6 - PECTAgent.exe stops running in automation.
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DS 7.6 - PECTAgent.exe stops running in automation.


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Deployment Solution


Clients that are booted into the automation environment fail to start the initial deployment menu, jobs and tasks.

Note: The 'Symantec Deployment Automation Agent is running - see logs here' window also terminates. Error message from automation environment X:\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\Logs\PECTAgent.log file:

[2015/06/04 21:24:09.998 1708:1712 2] AgentGlobals.h:112 RegisterLibrary: LoadLibrary Failed to load x:\program files\Symantec\Deployment\AeXBasicInventory.dll
[2015/06/04 21:24:09.998 1708:1712 0] AgentGlobals.h:114 Agent Exception, Could not laod file ErrorCode=0, SystemError=6
[2015/06/04 21:24:09.998 1708:1712 2] PECTAgent.cpp:152 Stopping PECTAgent. Please check for Network configuration or server name resolving problem and try again.


'msi.dll' is missing in the 'X:\Windows\System32' directory.

The cause of the missing files is under investigation.


1) On the Notification Server only, download and replace any missing files in the following respective directories:

Attached 64-bit files should be placed under:
C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\bootwiz\oem\DS\winpe\x64\Base\Windows\System32

Attached 32-bit files should be placed under:
C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\bootwiz\oem\DS\winpe\x86\Base\Windows\System32

2) On the Notification Server under the Windows Task Scheduler Library, run 'NS.Package Refresh' to completion.

3) From the Symantec Management Console, navigate to Settings>Deployment>Manage Preboot Configurations. Select your desired preboot configuration and click 'Recreate Preboot Environment.'

4) Test booting a client into automation once bootwiz.exe is finished running on the designated NBS Server.



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