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We are a french speaking company and have non displayable french characters.

This is a recurring issue in the French world. We had managed somehow to go around it, in the past, by creating a usermod that we added to every release since R11, if I remember well.


Today, we tried to apply this usermod but Chorus refused to do so. We got the following message, while we tried to apply.


"/Review the maintenance that is not installed in the selected target zones. When you click Next, CA CSM will receive applicable maintenance that is not yet received into the SMP/E environment.

Some non-installable maintenance may not be displayed.

The exclamation marks indicate that the maintenance package install ZAPs. You cannot select maintenance packages that install ZAPs. CA CSM does not support installation of ZAPs. 

Click Export to open a list of the selected maintenance packages in a separate browser window."


The 2 modules we are trying to ZAP are PMSTRND and PMSTRUC, which contain non-displayable and uppercase characters, repectively.


Due to this constraint, we might be forced to zap them outside Chorus... unless you can provide us with an elegant way to modify these modules to suit our needs.




z/OS, CSM and IPC/IDEAL 15.0/15.1


This affects IPC modules PMSTRND and PMSTRUC which are character conversion tables.

Unfortunately, the solution is to continue to ZAP via the usermod these modules in the appropriate CUSLIB.

It cannot be done via CSM.

Additional Information

See IPC component in CA Datacom Tool documentation: