[Archived] Timeout occurs when deploying Symantec_DLP_Solution.exe for Sharepoint
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[Archived] Timeout occurs when deploying Symantec_DLP_Solution.exe for Sharepoint


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


When attempting to install the DLP SharePoint Solution on DLP version 11.x or 12.0 with Symantec_DLP_Solution.exe a timeout error occurs.

Install process is noted on page 1220 - 1222 of the Symantec_DLP_12.0_Admin_Guide.pdf.

Initial install attempt shows all preliminary checks are met, however the deployment process to all Web Applications in SharePoint do not complete.

When the timeout error happens the following information is displayed:
Info: Deploying to web application : All (No WebApplication Resources).
*Error: ***** ERROR *****
*Error: Timeout error

Additionally within Event Viewer under the 'Applications' section a related error post deployment attempt may exist.

Event Type:         Information
Event Source:      McLogEvent
Event Category:    None
Event ID:             257
Date:                   7/30/2013
Time:                  9:39:42 AM
User:                   NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
Computer:           SERVERNAME
Description:         Would be blocked by access protection rule  (rule is in warn-only mode) 
(Common Standard  Protection revent common programs from running files from the Temp folder)


AV related software blocked application from running files in the Temp folder.


Proper Anti-Virus exclusions must be in place to allow SharePoint to deploy solutions to Web Applications.


AV Admin will need to configure exclusions for SharePoint Central Administration tool.

Workaround:  Disable McAfee and reboot the WFE (Web Front End) server then attempt deployment again.
NOTE: If McAfee or related AV software is not able to be configured locally you will need to contact your AV management team.