Why do I have a symptom dump for GSS and a S502 abend?


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A symptom dump has been produced for my GSS STC.           

When I looked at GSS joblog, I can see a S502 abend:

IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT                                                    
SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=502  REASON CODE=00000000                               
 TIME=22.12.56  SEQ=04925  CPU=4000  ASID=0115                                 
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  070C1000   81579A08  ILC 2  INTC 0D                     
   NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND                                                      
   DATA AT PSW  01579A02 - 00181610  0A0D9103  0950A7E4                        
   GR 0: 84000000   1: 84502000                                                
      2: 00000000   3: 00000B80                                                
      4: 009CDE88   5: 00000BD8                                                
      6: 2657C268   7: 00F4FA00                                                
      8: 0157AFE8   9: 00000000                                                
      A: 7F53E290   B: 7FFFB918                                                
      C: 00000BE0   D: 2658FF00                                                
      E: 00FE9D00   F: 00000000                                                
 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP                                                           
JOB GSS           STEP GSS1        
COMPLETION CODE      SYSTEM = 502      REASON CODE = 00000000                  



Why do I have a symptom dump for GSS and a S502 abend? 


CA Common Services R14.1 - Supported z/OS releases -


The S502 abend indicates that the EVENTS table is too small.

The CA-GSS dispatcher is constructed around the z/OS EVENTS facility.

The EVENTS table must allow a slot for each pending (unprocessed) event.

Depending on dispatching priorities and selected options, the EVENTS table needs room to buffer deferred work.

An S502 abend usually indicates an EVENTS table that is too small, you have to increase the EVENTS value in your RUNPARM member. 

Additional Information

You can check CA Common Services R14.1 documentation for additional information: