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How to back up the data of an encrypted drive of 11.0.0 client using the SEE WINPE CD


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Endpoint Encryption


If you are unable to boot a Symantec Endpoint Encrypted client computer and need to take a backup of the data saved on the encrypted drive, you can try recover the data by using a WinPE disk.

This applies to Endpoint Encryption 11.0.0 version onwards.


There are two methods that can be tried to recover user data from an encrypted drive. Both ways require you to boot the encrypted client computer with a WinPE disk.

Method 1

Authenticate the Disc with a command to access and copy Files to External USB Drive.

  1. Boot the encrypted client computer with WinPE CD.
  2. Run the command: eedAdminCli.exe --auth-disk --disk 0 --au (Client Admin ID) --ap  (Client Admin Password).
  3. The message "Request to Authenticate disk was successful" confirm that disk is authenticated is displayed.
  4. Access the hard drive and use the XCOPY command to copy files to the external USB drive.

Method 2

Decrypt the hard drive using eedRecoveryGui and copy Files to External USB drive.

  1. Boot the encrypted client computer with WinPE CD.
  2. Decrypt the hard drive with the command: eedAdminCli --decrypt --disk 0 --au (Client Admin ID)  --ap (Client Admin Password).
  3. Once the decryption process is completed, use the XCOPY command and copy files to external USB drive.