SCSP 5.2.9 Database is Over 20gb and need to upgrade to DCS 6.x
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SCSP 5.2.9 Database is Over 20gb and need to upgrade to DCS 6.x


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Critical System Protection


SCSP database is over 20GB and customer wants to upgrade to DCS 6.x. The database upgrade will time-out if they run the server.exe on a large database. Which will result in a damaged database.

If the customer already attempted this they could get the error "Database population FAILED" as an error message.


The database is too large for the standard upgrade process.


It is advised that the customer create a backup of their database before continuing with any of these steps.

These must be followed in sequence:
1. Turn OFF the SCSP primary manager service. 
2. Turn OFF all SCSP secondary manager service/s.
3. Make sure no other program/script is accessing SCSP database.
4. Close database user session/s if opened.
5. From SQL Server Management Studio, run the the following script (Attached) 
Before running the script, select SCSP database from database dropdown list.
6. Script execution may take several hours to complete if the number of records in the event table is high.
7. After successful execution of script, perform SCSP server upgrade to 6.0/ 6.5
This upgrade will likely take some time to complete.
8. Perform SCSP console upgrade.
9. Start the SCSP manager server service of the primary server, if not already running.
10. Login to the console, and check the version (This can be done by clicking ‘About’ link in console).
11. Confirm whether SCSP has upgraded to expected version
12. And now upgrade any secondary management server/s.


Upgrade_CSPEVENT_table.sql get_app