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Workspace Virtualization FSLX Driver Blocks Windows Installer Service


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Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS)


When migrating computers to a new domain some of them become unable to install applications because the FSLX driver blocks the Windows Installer Service.


This is most likely due a problematic layer being active during the migration since the FSLX driver should not interact with services unless a layer is active.


The most failsafe solution is to disable the FSLX driver by renaming the fslx.sys file and reboot the computer so that it can not load the FSLX driver before migrating the computer. The following commands will rename the driver file and reboot the computer:
rename C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ <file:///C:/Windows/System32/drivers/> fslx.sys fslx2.sys 
shutdown -r
After the computer is migrated to the new domain remember to rename the fslx file back to its original name: fslx.sys.

Alternatively if it can be confirmed that an active layer is causing the problem then the layers can simply be disabled before the migration. The following command will disable all layers:
svscmd * d -f

To resolve the problem on computers that already are experiencing the problem, start windows in safe mode and then uninstall the symantec workspace streaming and virtualization agents. Then reboot the computer and reinstall the Agents.