Jobs, Tasks and Policies never load
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Jobs, Tasks and Policies never load


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IT Management Suite


After an upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6, jobs, tasks and policies do not load.
The folder tree shows up with the names of each item listed, but when one is selected the right pane will not load with the configuration options and details.
The issue may go away after a reboot or a restart of the Altiris service, but returns over time.


Currently unknown.

Note: In one instance, the notification server and database server were found to be on the same virtual box, and did not have the recommended resources of ram and cpu.


1. Clear the browser cache (For IE go to tools >Internet Options >Delete Browsing History)
2. Clear the Silverlight Application Storage cache (Open Silverlight and choose the Application Storage tab, select the server name, and then Delete)

Also see TECH230398 "Activity Center pages do not load, but are blank"