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SEP for Linux: "Permission denied" in sepjlu-install.log and LiveUpdate failures.


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Endpoint Protection


GUI error "Warning: LiveUpdate failed"

Command-line errors: "Command failed: Problem with LiveUpdate", "Check that java directory is in PATH", "Unable to perform update"

Note that the GUI and command-line errors above are generic; there is frequently nothing wrong with java, and the errors above could be due to any number of reasons not described in this article.

More specifically for the problem described in this article:

liveupdt.log will display a repeating series of entries:

Apr 1, 2015 11:32:26 AM There was a failure in reading the settings from the .conf file.
Apr 1, 2015 11:32:26 AM org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider
Apr 1, 2015 11:32:26 AM JLU received a DeleteSetting command.

... and sepjlu-install.log will indicate a "Permission denied" error:

Java LiveUpdate version 3.10 Build 26.
Extracted out to /tmp/1427202521861/
Extracted out to /tmp/1427202521861/
Extracted out liveupdate.conf to /tmp/1427202521861/liveupdate.conf.
Extracted out bcprov-jdk15on-148.jar to /tmp/1427202521861/bcprov-jdk15on-148.jar.
Copied /opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate/jlu.jar to /tmp/1427202521861/jlu-
Error running /tmp/1427202521861/ with reason: Cannot run program "/tmp/1427202521861/": error=13, Permission denied.


This is caused when /tmp is mounted with the noexec option, for security purposes.


This has been fixed in SEP 12.1 RU6 MP4; it is no longer necessary to remount /tmp for the SEP installation.

A workaround in older SEP versions is to temporarily remount /tmp with exec option, re-run the SEP installer, and remount /tmp again with noexec if desired.