Enforce Double Summary Report Doesn't Contain All Rows in Exported CSV
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Enforce Double Summary Report Doesn't Contain All Rows in Exported CSV


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Generating an Incident double summary report through Enforce only displays first 20 rows of data for each category.  This is causing an export of the report to not include all rows of data as expected. No error message.


A user generates an Incident Double Summary Report through Enforce console using the "Advanced Filters and Summarization" setting.  The user selects "Summarize By" and chooses two categories from the drop down menus and clicks Apply. The resulting double summary report only lists the first 20 rows of data for each category displayed.  Rows of data beyond 20 are truncated and a link at the bottom is displayed to view all entries for that category when clicked.  (Example: clicking "First 20 of 181 rows displayed" will load a new page with all 181 rows of data for that category).


When the user attempts to export a double summary report choosing "Export All > CSV" it only includes the first 20 rows of data for each category as displayed in the browser.  Rows beyond 20 are not included, however the total row count for the category is still accounted for.  This forces the user to drill down and display the additional rows per category in order to export the necessary data, repeating as necessary.


The user wishes to export a double summary report to CSV which includes all rows of data in each category.


By nature, a summary report should include a brief overview of all data for reference.  This is the default behavior for Enforce and is working as designed.  However, the number of rows to be displayed on the summary report page can be changed as needed which will affect the exported CSV, respectively.

Open Manager.properties on the Enforce server and search for the section labeled:


### Configuration for DefaultRowIterators, used by UI reporting pages.


Edit the value for the following setting:


# Number of inner rows shown for one section in the double summarization report.

# If the value is less than or equal to 0 then it will show all inner rows.

# The default value is 20.

com.vontu.manager.report.summary.double.max_inner_rows_count = 20


(Note: The Vontu Manager service will need to be restarted for changes to take effect.)


Disclaimer: Changing the value to zero will display ALL rows on the Double Summarization report page which could affect performance of Enforce.  It is suggested that values beyond the default should be tested for stability before implementing in a production environment.