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Icon missing in Jobs and Tasks.


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IT Management Suite Patch Management Solution for Mac


Some icons are not shown under Jobs and Task(old view) or whenever you a new task is created, the icons listed shows as crossed up with red mark. None.


The creation of the virtual directories for TaskServerTasks folder was missing in IIS. (The physical files did exist within Install Dir\Program Files\Altiris\TaskServerTasks\Web\ directory)


1. Manually create the missing IIS Virtual Directories by doing the following.
2. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and expand the Server name -> Sites -> Default Web Site
3. Expand Altiris > expand TaskManagement.
4. Right mouse on "TaskManagement" and then select "Add Application"
5. In the "Add Application" prompt configure the following settings:
  • Alias: TaskServerTasks
  • Physical Path: Install Dir:\Program Files\Altiris\TaskServerTasks\Web
6. Restart IIS and then launch the Symantec Management Console.
7. Go to Manage > Jobs and Tasks > Create a new task (like, Get IP Configuration, Run Script, etc) and confirm that the icons now appear correctly.