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Optimize network traffic throughput when using network threat protection in Data Center Security:Server (DCS:S)


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Critical System Protection Data Center Security Server


DCS:S version 6.5 provides protection against network threats. By default all traffic is monitored. This can affect network throughput.


The Network Security policy settings can be used to confine monitoring to the following types of network traffic, thereby offering the potential to improve network throughput:

  • All Endpoints (includes servers and desktops. This is the default setting)
  • All Server (including Exchange)
  • Only Microsoft Exchange Server
  • All Desktops
The following chart shows an example of the type of improvement, compared either to the baseline or to the default setting of All Endpoints:
Network Security policy settings can be updated as follows:
Login to WebUI and navigate to Manage -> Policies.
Click the "+" tool bar icon.
  1. In the resulting policy page, provide the policy name.
  2. Select Network Security Policy from the Select Policy Template pull down menu.
  3. Select the desired network security settings options:
All endpoints
All Server
Only Microsoft Exchange Server
All desktops
    1. Click the Save button, and then click the Add Policy button.
  1. Publish the updated policy by clicking the checkbox for the network security policy and clicking on Publish.
  2. Wait for the updated policy definition to be downloaded to the Security Virtual Appliance (SVA).





Applies To

DCS:S version 6.5 or newer.