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Symantec Virtual Appliance fails to communicate with the Endpoint Protection Manager


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Endpoint Protection


After installing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Security Virtual Appliance, (SEP SVA) it fails to communicate with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM).  Route shows that the default gateway is set to instead of the default gateway specified during the installation.


If both eth0 and eth1 have gateway information applied during the installation of the SVA, eth1's gateway information can be loaded as the default gateway during boot-up.  For more information, see the Red Hat 6 documentation.  


Symantec is currently investigating this issue.  As a workaround, you can set a global directive to always use the first NIC to establish the gateway.  

  1. Login as root
  2. Edit: /etc/sysconfig/network
    • Add the following line to the end of the file:  GATEWAYDEV=eth0
  3. Save the file
  4. Restart the network service by executing:  service network restart