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Hardware Encryption for Opal Drives in Symantec Endpoint Encryption Clients


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Endpoint Encryption


How to verify if the Drive is OPAL and Hardware Encrypted in SEE 11.0.1 version of Symantec Endpoint Encryption Client.


Any of the following can be performed.

1. Open a CMD Prompt, Browse to ‘C:\Program Files\Symantec\Endpoint Encryption Clients\Drive Encryption’ and Run following commands:

  • eedAdminCli --info
  • eedAdminCli --enum

- Output will show if the Drive is OPAL Disk.

  • eedAdminCli --status

- Output will show if the Drive is OPAL Disk as well as if the Volume is Hardware Encrypted.

2. Login to the Admin User Interface using SEE Client Admin Credentials on the Client machine, under Internal Drives Tab, Disk will show Hardware Encrypted.

3. On SEE Server, Under SEE Reports, ‘Computer Status Report’ will have Encryption Type as Hardware for the respective Client Computer.

4. Another Report named ‘Computers with Self Encrypted Opal Drives’ will list the Disk with Hardware Encryption if such computers are in use.

5. If there is a client computer in ‘SEE Unassigned Group’ under SEE Managed Computers, it will show the Encryption type as Hardware for the respective Computer in case of OPAL Drive in use. You may double click on the Computer name, It will give more details whether the drive is Opal-Compliant or not, and Encryption Type as well.

Applies To

SEE Drive Encryption 11.0.1