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How to set additional Configuration settings on UNIX CCS Agents for time out values, paths to avoid, etc.


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Control Compliance Suite Unix


You would like to make specialized configuration changes to CCS Agents for time out values or to avoid mount points that can cause time outs.

Tech notes covering how to configure agent less UNIX data collection to avoid time outs, mention files that don't seem to exist on the CCS Agent. 

Example of Files that are missing on the CCS Agent: 

     ConfigSettings.ini,  IgnoreDirectoryPathsAlways.dat,  IgnoreDirectoryPathsForFind.dat,  SecuredFiles.dat



Default configuration does not require these files be present on the CCS Agent.



These files, if present, will be obeyed by the CCS Agent.  On the agent these files can be placed into the /esm/bin/dcmodules/<UNIX type>/UNIX/ConfigFiles   folder.    For example on a Red Hat CCS Agent the path would be: /esm/bin/dcmodules/Linux/UNIX/ConfigFiles 

Note that in this same folder on the agent there is a ConfigurationSettings.xml file.  This file references the various configuration files if present on the system.  Therefore if these files exist, the settings in them will take affect once the agent daemon is recycled.

These files can be binary copied to the CCS Agent from the CCS Manager's ....Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\DPS\control\UNIX\ConfigFiles     folder.


Applies To

UNIX or Linux CCS Agent version 11 or higher