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KNOWN ISSUE: SD.AssetViewProject generates error when non-CMDB based assets are assigned to an incident


Article ID: 161834


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If you use the Add new reference option on the Incident Process View page instead of Manage Related Configuration Items you can create non-CMDB based references for an incident. However when you then use the Manage Related Configuration Items process type action to add CMDB based references an error is generated.

Application Name : SD.AssetViewProject

Log Level :Error
Message :
Exception in Component: Get Item By Guid = SingleItem
Error Message: Server was unable to process request. ---> The specified item guid does not exist.
Error Message: test cannot be converted to a Guid
Stack Trace: System.Exception: test cannot be converted to a Guid ---> System.FormatException: Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx).


 The SD.AssetViewProject wasn't designed to handle non-CMDB based references.


 Symantec Development has created a point fix for this issue. The point fix for this issue and all other point fixes for ServiceDesk 7.5 SP1 can be found in TECH212326.

Applies To

 ServiceDesk 7.5 Service Pack 1