Package Server is not downloading packages from SMP
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Package Server is not downloading packages from SMP


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IT Management Suite


Most of the packages are software updates.

The packages appear in status ‘Retrying Download’ for a few days in a row.

Enabling debug logging for Package Server (HOWTO3942) showed the following errors when trying to download from NS server:

Error while downloading package: The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted (0x80090325)

Download Package failed: Access is denied (-2147024891)

Operation 'Get File' failed.

Protocol: http

Host: nsserver

Port: 80

Path: /Altiris/PackageShare/pkggroup_65djntz6fgmi2eeemgeyxt3rn3npwu73/MS15-031/%7Bf7344835-87ab-4e6c-ade8-c9973e8fa5cd%7D/Windows6.1-KB3046049-x64.msu

Http status: 200

Secure: No

Id: {FD22975F-DC8F-40F1-A80C-C4530E7B3D74}

Error type: Local error

Error result: 0x80070005

Error code: 0

Error note: HttpRequest::OpenReceiveFile create tagget dir error

Error message: Access is denied

Error while downloading package: No connection to server (0x80004005)

When trying to write to packages to custom share on Package Server:

Cannot write to directory: 0x80070005 [Access is denied]


ITMS 8.x


Lack of permissions on package shares.


Make sure that Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates folder has Read and Execute permission on Authenticated Users and that Authenticated User group is listed in Security tab.

Also verify that that packages shared folder on the Package Server has an Authentication Users group with Read and Execute permission.

If you are seeing a certificate chain error on the Package Server, you may also need to export the self-signed certificate from the Notification Server and import it to the Trusted Root Certification Authority on the Package Server.