Duplicate emails are received intermittently when Premium Antispam feature is enabled.
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Duplicate emails are received intermittently when Premium Antispam feature is enabled.


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Mail Security for Domino


Duplicate emails may be received when Premium Antispam (PAS) feature is enabled. The duplicate ones may arrive in random periods. Same Message ID is observed in the email internet headers for both the original email and duplicate ones.


Currently in SMSDOM for Windows, email processing works in such a way that whenever spam definitions are being downloaded, SMSDOM PAS halts the email processing. It waits for the definition download process to complete and will then resume the email processing.

As email delivery is delayed due to the product behavior, this may cause sending server to resend the emails and create duplicate emails.

The issue may be observed on machines with SMSMDOM 32 bit installed.


Symantec is aware of this issue and is planning to resolve it permanently in future build. It may not be necessary to log a support case on this issue. Please subscribe to this article to be notified of any updates.


Hotfix is currently available. This hotfix can ONLY be installed on version SMSDom 8.1.2 (32 bit). After the hotfix is installed, email processing works in parallel with the spam definition download process. This means the email processing by PAS continues while the spam definitions are being downloaded.
Steps to install the hotfix are as below:
  1. Download the hotfix and extract it to a temporary location. The password to extract the file is symc.
  2. Stop Domino Server
  3. Backup binary files nnem.dll, nnpas.exe, nntask.exe,smsdefs.exe and smsmsg.dll from <Drive>\Program Files\IBM\Domino folder.
  4. Backup file smsdick.exe from <Drive>\Program Files\Symantec\SMSDOM\PAS\Bin.
  5. Copy the smsdkick.exe file from the temporary location on step 1 to <Drive>\Program Files\Symantec\SMSDOM\PAS\Bin
  6. Copy all the rest binary files from the temporary location on step 1 to <Drive>\Program Files\IBM\Domino folder.
  7. Start the domino server



Applies To

Domino server 8.0.10 (32 bit)

Windows 2003 SP2 (64 bit)

Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) 8.1.2 (32 bit)


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