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Is it possible to have a el5uek and el6uek with the same kernel version? Is this a misprint in the SCSP / DCS Platform support Matrix?


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I have a Oracle UEK 5.x and 6.x that seem to be the same kernel is it possible to have a el5uek and el6uek with the same kernel version?


Oracle UEK kernels are available for both OL 5.x and OL 6.x
Yes, it is possible to have el5uek and el6uek with the same kernel version.
It is not a misprint in PFM.You are looking at the page for Oracle Linux 6. The next page has information
on supported kernels for Oracle Linux 5 and 2.6.39-400.*el5uek is one of them.

>>> Also can you explain how to tell the R2 U3 of the kennel nomenclature and is that part evident somehow in the Uname –a
output of 2.6.39-400.128.17.el5uek?

R1 ==> 2.6.32
R2 ==> 2.6.39

R is for Release version and U is for quarterly update version.

U3 is their 3rd quarterly update for R2.
R2 U1 ==> 2.6.39-200.*
R2 U2 ==> 2.6.39-300.*
R2 U3 ==> 2.6.39-400.*

It looks like U4, U5 are also subsequent updates to 2.6.39-400