Symantec Mobile Management for Symantec Management Platform: End of Life Announcement
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Symantec Mobile Management for Symantec Management Platform: End of Life Announcement


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The retirement process for Symantec™ Mobile Management for Symantec Management Platform (SMM for SMP) will begin on October 6, 2014. As of this date, there will be no additional feature enhancements to SMM for SMP.  Support for this product will continue until March 1, 2017, when it will reach the End of Support Life.

This decision to retire the SMM for SMP product was made because Symantec is consolidating our mobile product offerings into a stronger, simplified, and more integrated Enterprise Mobility solution for our customers. Symantec is focused on delivering Symantec Mobility Suite as our next-generation integrated mobility solution, with core-integrated functions including: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Threat Protection (Norton Mobile Security).


Symantec Corporation will End of Life (“EOL”) the earlier releases of this product including any Maintenance Packs (MPs) and/or patches for each version, in all released languages. Technical support and content updates for customers with current Basic Maintenance Support or Essential Support will be available until the dates listed below.  The frequency and quantity of these content updates will decrease over a 12 month period. This notice describes the timelines for the delivery of support services for the product which has reached its EOL.

Product Description Version End of Life End of Limited Support and Start of Partial Support End of Support Life
 Symantec™ Mobile Management  7.2  6, October 2014  1, August 2015  1, March 2017
 Symantec™ Mobile Management Suite  1.0  6, October 2014  1, August 2015  1, March 2017





End of Life: “End of Life” or “EOL” means when we cease marketing or distributing a Major Release and its related releases of Licensed Software. The End of Life date starts the timeline and process leading to End of Support Life for that Major Release and its related Minor Releases and Maintenance Packs.

Limited Support:  Once a Major Release and its related releases reach EOL, they enter the Limited Support phase. The Limited Support phase typically lasts for 30 months following EOL. During the Limited Support phase we will provide code modifications or Bug Fixes to address Problems where there has been data loss, production systems are inoperable, significant security vulnerabilities are identified, or there are other significant product defects. For other types of Problems, we will typically provide an existing Bug Fix or we may elect to address your Problem through a regularly scheduled or future Software Version Upgrade. We will continue to provide Content Updates during this Limited Support phase. Note that some older documentation may refer to the Limited Support phase as the “post-EOL Standard Support” period.

Partial Support:  During the Partial Support phase our Support Services generally consist of providing known and existing Bug Fixes, workarounds or information from our technical support knowledge base in response to your request for assistance. Partial Support does not include development of any new modifications to the Software, any attempt to reproduce the Problem, escalation of issues through management channels or to our product development staff, or installation and configuration assistance. The delivery of Partial Support will be subject to available resources, and we may need to limit the amount of time we spend on an issue for a product in its Partial Support phase. We typically do not provide Content Updates during the Partial Support phase.

End of Support Life: After Partial Support, the Major Release and its related releases reach their EOSL. This is the point in the product support lifecycle where no Support Services are available, and when we stop providing any type of technical support regardless of the Severity Level of the Problem, and regardless of the Support Services offering purchased. Our on-line technical support knowledge base includes support-related information that you can use to perform self-help. We also provide information through our community forums at:

Typically we will keep knowledge base information on-line for a reasonable period of time following End of Support Life.

For more information regarding the services provided in Limited Support, Partial Support, and Content Updates, please refer to the Symantec Enterprise Technical Support Policy at the link below or, alternatively, contact your Symantec Account Manager:

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