PC Transplant Distribute Image with %COMPNAME% Fails
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PC Transplant Distribute Image with %COMPNAME% Fails


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PCT Distribute Personality task fails because the incorrect location is being given to the client system.

In console PCT Deploy task will fail with error code 1.  In DSTask logs it will show:

[2015/02/05 23:06:58.164 1888:2984 2] Function:util::CNetShare::DoMapping,File:common\util\NetShare.cpp,Line:68.Z: have failed in mapping to \\SMP-W2K8-01.EPM.local\PkgSvrHostC$\42f4551c-b5ef-43c1-bda5-82d014d62463\cache. Windows Error Code is 1244
[2015/02/05 23:06:58.180 1888:2984 2] Function:util::CNetShare::DoMapping,File:common\util\NetShare.cpp,Line:88. hostName = SMP-W2K8-01.EPM.local
[2015/02/05 23:06:58.180 1888:2984 2] Function:util::CNetShare::DoMapping,File:common\util\NetShare.cpp,Line:109.


The root cause of this issue is that the PCT Deploy task is seeing 2 package shares one on the SS that does exist and one on the NS that doesn't.  It successfully maps to the SS but fails out on NS.


This issue has been corrected in a pointfix.  Please contact technical support.


Applies To


ITMS 7.5 SP1 HF3
PC Transplant 6.8.1114.0


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