CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation's SSM#MOVMOD with the value AUTO
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CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation's SSM#MOVMOD with the value AUTO


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We are converting to OPS/MVS, we want to set up resources to automatically move to a backup system at IPL time without operator intervention and return.  The AUTOHOME parameter is obvious, we're not quite as clear on the meaning of the SSM#MOVMOD setting in SSMGAV2.  This is the manual text:

SSMGA recognizes the following special values for SSM#MOVMOD:

AUTO causes SSMGAV2 to automatically move a resource to the next available system in the system list hierarchy when a failure is detected on the owning system.

It mentions failure. Does this parameter also apply for a normal task shutdown or do we need to code a user-defined SSM#MOVMOD value and add code to the SGSYSFLU user exit to take special actions?

To more fully qualify this question, how do we code SSM#MOVMOD for these three situations:

(1) Manual move. Does not move at system shutdown or after failure.

(2) Automatic move at planned system shutdown.

(3) Only moves in a system failure. If the task fails, OPS/MVS attempts to start it in place.




The SSM#MOVMOD values of AUTO and WTOR work with the SGSYSFL RULE and SGSYSFLR REXX. The SGSYSFL rule provided fires on the IXC402D message but the SGSYSFLR REXX can be called by any event that determines a system in the sysplex was lost.

For normal IPLs, it is recommended that the resources be moved as part of the shutdown procedure with the GAV2CMD. The value of SSM#MOVMOD needs to be anything other than INACTIVE for a resource to be moved manually. The AUTOHOME feature can be used so the resources move back to the primary system when that system is re-IPLed.

Matching on the down state is a little tricky, in that do you always want to move it just because it was shutdown? It's better to issue the MGROUP as part of the system shutdown.

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