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In the New UX, How can I change the Blueprint for a Project


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This article provides the steps to view/edit New UX blueprints for projects. This is particularly needed for any projects created prior to upgrading to 15.3, as they will not yet have a Blueprint associated with them and their layout will default to whatever is set as the default Blueprint. 

In the New User Experience (UX), how can I set/change the blueprint a project is associated with in CA PPM?


This applies to the New User Experience in 15.3 and higher


You can change/view the blueprint layout for a project via a couple of methods: 

1. Add the Blueprint attribute to the project list view in the Classic UI:

  • In PPM, go to the Classic UI->Home->Projects
  • Click on the Options icon in the right hand corner and select Configure
  • Move Blueprint from 'Available Columns' to 'Selected Columns' and click Save and Return

Note: Any project where the blueprint value is blank, indicates that it doesn't yet have a blueprint associated with it, so the layout for these projects will default to whatever is currently set as the Blueprint Default layout in the New UX.

2. From the new UX, you can add the Blueprint attribute to non standard blueprints.

Note: Since the Standard Project blueprint is not configurable, you cannot add the blueprint attribute to that layout.

To add the Blueprint attribute to any non standard blueprint:

  • In the New UX, go to Administration and click on the link for Blueprints
  • Click on a non Standard blueprint
  • Click the Edit button in the right hand corner
  • From the Fields section on the left hand side, move Blueprints over to the desired location in the layout
  • Click Publish 
Unfortunately, Blueprints are not yet supported for XOG, nor are they process enabled. So the above options are the only methods currently to update the blueprint associated with a project. 

Additional Information

For more information on Blueprints see New User Experience: Configure Project Blueprints