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Receiving error of "evaluation license has expired" when trying to capture personality through Deployment Server


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Deployment Solution


When trying to capture a personality through Deployment Server, I receive the error "Your PC Transplant evaluation license has expired" on the client, and the error "Eval period is over"  on the server. However, when I try to run PCTWiz.exe manually, it executes without a problem.


PC Transplant is displaying the wrong error. The actual issue is that the user used under User account and folder login in the Deployment Server capture personality task does not have Write privileges on the eXpress share. If you were using regular licenses then you would have received the error "Could not write package to specified location" on the server.


Any user used under User account and folder login in a Deployment Server capture personality task needs to have Write privileges for the eXpress share.

Applies To
Deployment Server
PCT with evaluation license