LiveUpdate server settings are not getting populated to SVA unless
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LiveUpdate server settings are not getting populated to SVA unless


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Data Center Security Server


In the WebUI, LiveUpdate server settings is not getting populated to SVA unless user opens the SVA config policy and saves it




This is a known issue and will considered for a future release.

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Steps to reprpduce:
1. Install DCS server of build 279
2. Deploy UMC of build 982
3. Perform the point product registration with UMC
4. Login to web UI as UMC administrator
5. Navigate to  Settings -> Liveupdate
6. Edit the existing the liveupdate server or add a new live update server
7. Login to web ui as a user having server administrator role assigned
8. Navigate to Manage -> Policies

Actual results:-
1. "SVA Config Base Policy" status is published. Note this has not changed, if policy had changed the status should be modified, so that user is aware
of the changes. Also when a policy changes there is "*" sign displayed for the name of policy, this is again not displayed.

2. Open the SVA config Base policy and refer "Liveupdate Server Settings" section . This shows the updated information for liveupdate server as made
in above steps.Close this page (navigate to say monitors)

3. Asian open the SVA config base policy , the updated information is still displayed

If any changes to an existing SVA policy is made (say LU server settings), the status of the policy should get changed to modified .