Installation of application fails
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Installation of application fails


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Mobility Suite


Installation of iOS application fails on iOS version 8.1.3 or higher device.

The same application installs ok on lower versions of iOS.


<Error>: 0x101c54000 -[MIInstallableBundle performVerificationWithError:]: 473: Application is missing the application-identifier entitlement.

iPad installd[39] <Error>: 0x101c54000 -[MIInstaller performInstallationWithError:]: Verification stage failed

iPad itunesstored[88] <Error>: 0x102d0c000 __MobileInstallationInstallForLaunchServices_block_invoke240:

Returned error Error Domain=MIInstallerErrorDomain Code=63 "Application is missing the application-identifier entitlement."

UserInfo=0x000000000 {LegacyErrorString=ApplicationVerificationFailed, FunctionName=-[MIInstallableBundle performVerificationWithError:],

SourceFileLine=473, NSLocalizedDescription=Application is missing the application-identifier entitlement.}

iPad itunesstored[88] <Warning>: ERROR: MobileInstallationInstallForLaunchServices returned nil

iPad lsd[73] <Warning>: LaunchServices: installation failed for app


Apple has introduced changes to iOS security requirements and framework architecture in the release of iOS8.  Apple now requires dynamic libraries to be signed with the same team identifier as the main app.

Please see more information Preparing for iOS8 - HOWTO101927


Use the attached script ( to re-sign the app: For more information visit Preparing for iOS8 - HOWTO101927

1.    Run the resign script

./ --ipa yourIPA.ipa --profile yourProvisingProfile --identity "iPhone Distribution: Developer Name (xxxxxxxxxx)" --out yourNewResignedIPA.ipa

2.    Upon successful upload of your app, your users will receive a push notification indicating an updated version of your app is available for download and installation.

Applies To

Apple device running iOS 8.1.3 or higher

Mobility Suite 5.x On Prem

Mobility Suite 5.x SaaS


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