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Mobility Suite iOS In-house Applications and / or Work Hub Agent Crash Upon Opening


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Mobility Suite


iOS App crashes when opening

No visual error message appears


There can be many things which may cause an in-house app to crash.  Here are some common causes:

1. A conflicting application having the same explicit Provisioning Profile is already in use by another application on the device.
2. The application was not properly signed before publication.
3. The Provisioning Profile has been removed on the device.
4. The Provisioning Profile is an ad-hoc profile meant only for specific users and devices.


See solutions below for their respective "causes" from above:

1. Either remove the conflicting Application from the device or rebuild the desired application with a different Provisioning Profile containing another application identifier.
2. Please see
3. Re-install the application, this will also re-install the Provisioning Profile
4. From the Apple Developer site go to iOS Certificates and create an in-house Provisioning Profile instead of an ad-hoc one.  Note: An Enterprise Apple Developer Account is required to create an in-house distribution profile.

Applies To

Affecting in-house iOS applications