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Recommended Application Policy for Secure / Work Mail and Symantec Secure Web


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Symantec Sealed TouchDown Mobility Suite


What is the recommended Application Policy for Symantec Secure Email? 

Communication is blocked by policy
SD Card storage is not enabled in policy
Web site is not displayed


SD card storage is disabled and/or network access controls restrict email content or web links from being accessed by the client


Use following recommended settings as part of the Application Policy managing Symantec Secure Email:

SD card storage permitted
Encryption Enabled

Network Access Control Policy should include the following:
Whitelist: *:*

The main reason we recommend allowing all locations for Secure Web is that each web page pulls from many sources.  Some sources are not vital to the rendering of the page while others will cause the page to not render properly or not at all.  For example, pulls from more locations than just  It also uses:;;;;;;; and  While some of these sources are vital to the proper rendering of  Each would need to be added to the whitelist for this single web-site page to load properly.

Applies To

Mobile devices running the Symantec Secure Email Client or Secure Web and managed by Symantec Mobility Suite