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After changing the communication method to HTTPS the ULM agent failed to push install


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IT Management Suite


 Your NS was communicating with agents via HTTP and you have reconfigured the communication method to use HTTPS. The IIS was configured to require SSL and the codebases were changed to publish HTTPS. However even after running the NS.Refresh Packages and the NS.Update Distribution Point the ULM agent is failing to install reporting the following the error :

Checking Client connectivity and free space - Failed


In status report > [View log]

INFO: SHA 256 Integrity check succeeded.

INFO: Getting Package : http://<<NS FQDN>>/Altiris/NS/NSCap/Bin/Unix/Agent/Mac/x86/package-manifest.xml into temp dir /opt/altiris/notification/nsagent/.tmp_inst

INFO: Failed getting package, Msg: HTTP server returned an error

ERROR: Package download failed, Agent Install failed


The package link is cached


Open CMD as Administrator and run iisreset.

Open Services.msc and restart the Altiris Service

That will clear the cache and the link should be replaced with HTTPS. The agent should now be installed succesfully via push install. 

Applies To

 Symantec Management Platform 7.5.1